The term “Income Inequality is primarily used to divide people. To evoke emotion responses against
those who have more than oneself. This is a term that people who are envious of those making more
than they are complain about. There are numerous opportunities for people to make more money,
move up the economic ladder however it takes work and the willingness to develop a skill or a trade that
pays you more. It also takes an attitude of gratitude for having a job and a country that allows for
freedom to choose to work or not to work. There are consequences. It takes a work ethic that is sorely
missing in too many today. There are jobs out there that pay well however some of them take hard
physical labor that far too few are willing to do. There are jobs that pay more if one gets the education
needed to land them.
Terms are floated out there about “livable wages” is a joke. If you want a livable wage then find jobs
that pay a livable wage and then acquire the skills or education needed to attain those jobs. Even with
that if your work attitude is not what it needs to be you still won’t have what it takes to keep a livable
wage job.
Those that want to guarantee a livable wage can only do so by taking money from some and giving it to
others. Even this would be doomed to fail because if you don’t earn it you won’t appreciate it or spend
it wisely and you again will not end up with a “livable wage”. Livable wages along with the term Social
injustice are just words and ways for elites to control minds and emotions of the gullible. More on Social
Injustice next month.
I am hardly wealthy but I don’t blame anyone else for my position in life. I am comfortable however and
I worked hard and saved for forty plus years to get where I am today. Sure, there were failures along
the way that I used as learning experiences to adjust my path.
One could say that America’s priorities are screwed up when some professional athletes and CEO’s
make multi million dollars a year while teachers, police, firemen etc. make so little. I would not disagree
that belief. What I tell you is that we are supporting that economic system by paying to watch them and
by purchasing apparel. Even by watching them on TV. We could just as easily decide to spend our
money to pay teachers, firemen, police but we make that choice on where to spend dollars. They get
paid what they are paid because we the people choose to pay them that amount. Look at ourselves and
our priorities before putting blame on an economic system.
Who do you want to determine who gets paid what? Do you really want a small select few determine
what is fair and what is not? Determine what job gets paid what amount. The term income inequality
as well as social injustice are just phrases that make emotions of empathy and sympathy and push a
socialism agenda that puts more power and more money in the hands of a political elite class and
pushes more people into the lower social economic class. Equal poverty is the result.
Just look around other countries that have tried this and failed. Venezuela, Cuba, China, Laos, Vietnam
to name a few. Is that what you want for America. Next those pushing this agenda will say that they
just didn’t do it right. I have news for you they all started with the same idea as some of you and when

more power and money get in the hands of a few the same thing is the end result. Wake up America.
Capitalism is the worst economic system in the world except for all the others. Without Income
inequality you don’t have FREEDOM.