It is amazing to me when I see that the first quarter of 2019 political candidates for President have raised over 100 million dollars from people who want to make a difference???  What are you actually getting for the dollars you give to politicians?  When you look at where our country is today with all the divisions, anger, envy, resentment and somehow we feel that a politician can resolve this.

My objective is to raise money from the sale of my book “Poverty Unchained” and in the future more items that have a poverty reduction message to use the majority of the profits (60%) to reduction initiatives and my vision is to build a community that serves the poor by giving them the tools they need to get out of poverty.

The book is a starting point to begin discussions with people, churches and non-profits that serve the poor to share ideas and get people to view poverty reduction initiatives from hand ups and not handouts.  Handouts create dependency and bondage to someone or something for their existence.  Handouts take away dignity and integrity.  What the book does is hopefully get people to think about what has been and is being done and measure results of their initiatives and not base their programs on feel good emotions.

What I am asking is that you buy a book and visit my website regularly ( .  Tell all your friends and contacts via social media (Email, Facebook, Linkedin, etc.) about my initiative and ask them to buy a book and then share with their friends and contacts. My hope is that this will go viral.  You can make a difference.

If you know someone in print or television media ask them to consider doing a story about my initiative.

With your help this can become a reality.