I’m sure that many will be offended by what I have said here.  What I ask is that people look at this situation from a different perspective.  I am not an epidemiologist or a doctor.  I do have the ability to take in information and evaluate it from all resources and have an opinion on my own.  I ran a successful Financial Investment firm for 21 years and sold it and retired 5 years ago so I am very familiar with evaluating data and how data can be used to sew fear or greed in peoples mind.

It has long been said that the way to defeat America, is not through military war but from within by sewing fear, panic and dis-trust in Government.  Is that not what has happened here?

A virus that is much worse than the normal influenza, yet still a virus, has been treated as a national emergency.  People began by predicting up to 2 million Americans could die from this virus.  That started the fear among many people and definitely government officials both nationally and locally.  Then possible death totals were revised to between 100,000 and 200,000 and now it is down to 60,000.  All these figures are irrelevant.  Severe outbreaks should have been dealt with locally and not blanket national shutdowns that, in my opinion and more and more experts are saying, has and will do more damage than the disease itself. 

Locally here is another way to look at data.  As of Friday, April 24th, 2020 there have been 45 cases of COVID 19 identified in Buchanan County.  The population of Buchanan County Missouri was 89,201.  What that says is that .0005% of the population has contracted COVID 19 IN BUCHANAN COUNTY.  Yet we have shut down all businesses that in the government wisdom are not essential.  So, owning a business is not essential to who?  I guarantee it is essential to that business owner and the people who work there.  We, have isolated the biggest part of our community and told them to stay homebound.  Does this make any sense at all?  The answer they give is that it could have been much worse if they had not done this.  So, is this the standard that we will use from now on for any other type of disease (virus) that can be spread by human contact?  Is the standard going to be 1%, 3%, 5%?  What is the trigger that shuts down America and what is the long-term damage from these decisions?

In the United States .0035% have contracted COVID 19.  Deaths in the United States of 46,379 is .0001% of the total population.

What about the normal seasonal flu next year?  On average according to the CDC 36,000 people die from influenza each year.  How many times are we told that the vaccine that was developed and offered to the public for influenza was the wrong vaccine.  That the strain that came upon us mutated and the vaccine at best may have helped the symptoms be milder.  It is not a law that people take the vaccine and if they develop a vaccine for COVID 19 is it going to be mandated that everyone take it.  Even then this virus could also mutate and the vaccine could be ineffective. 

We live in America where we the people have the freedom to evaluate risks and go on with our lives making our own decisions to minimize the risk yet not relinquish our freedom and privacy. 

This is step one in America giving into fear, panic and giving up our independence, and turning it over to a more than not corrupt government and many corrupt politicians with ulterior motives.  Now I have no doubt that most local politicians are trying to make good decisions.  However, the shutdown of our local community when only .0005% of the population has contracted the virus, is absurd. The next excuse being used by officials is that we really don’t know how many have actually contracted the virus and don’t know because either they have no symptoms or mild symptoms.  That is exactly my point, as that would mean that we as a people can deal with this virus better than we are being led to believe without the help of government.  How about the Health Department giving out recommendations on how families that choose to can minimize the probability of contracting this virus or any virus?  For instance, regularly wash hands, don’t touch your face with your hands, wear face masks if you feel it appropriate and especially if you are susceptible to catching a virus. 

Sure we should try to identify and create medications that help treat the virus and minimize its effects and yes they should try to develop a vaccine to help prevent the virus from impacting as many people as possible, but do not shut down the economy while doing so because more than likely the next strain will be different anyways.  The recourse that has been taken negatively effects the poor and middle class much more than the elites that can stay at home and have the finances to weather this. 

As long as we live in America, people should be free to make choices and evaluate risks and live free not under an oppressive government who are inherently seeking more power and control over our lives.

Robert Den Ouden